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Danny DeVito's Little Demon animated series | Season 1 | Review

At its core, Little Demon is a series about flawed characters trying to live their most normal lives. Young Chrissy just wants to be normal and navigate high school whilst building a relationship with her dad, who happens to be the devil. Her mother, Laura, just wants to protect her daughter from harm. The mother daughter dynamic leads the series at its core and each episode we follow them on a series of nonsensical silliness.

There is no doubt that Little Demon draws influences from some well known adult cartoons, produced by Rick and Morty’s Dan Harmon, this new Disney + animated series is a blend of horror, comedy and pure sacrilegious shenanigans. To summarise, think of Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen and Family Guy all mixed into a blender, then you’re left with Little Demon.

This is a light hearted series with an easy to follow narrative and simplistic characters, Little Demon is a perfect animated series to watch effortlessly in one sitting. Episode one sets up all the character relationships then every episode after that the relationships develop and the characters are forced into some mind bending scenarios.

It can’t go unsaid that Little Demon has a brilliant cast of voices, each character has a unique and iconic voice behind it. Danny DeVito as the devil, ingenious. But, sadly, Little Demon has nothing on Rick and Morty, it’s just a flattering interpretation. Highly recommend for any fan of animated adult comedies.


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