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An Unsettling AI Thriller, T.I.M (2023) | Review

T.I.M (2023)

Showcasing the fears of modern society, what lengths will we continue to stride until we realise AI and advanced technologies might not be the best option for our future? T.I.M (2023) experiments with the idea of household AI, a device which can function independently whilst single handedly controlling your every move.

A couple struggling with their marriage and husbands infidelity, decide to introduce Tim into their lives… thinking they will have more time together Tim starts to get in between their relationship. Causing more issues than they originally had.

In all honesty, I was expecting a thrilling movie with a reminiscent tone of M3GAN. Instead, this film was lacklustre and only the films concept unsettled me, the execution was far from it. The idea is far from original, we’ve seen this tale countless times… robots taking over, robots developing human emotions. The formula is predictable, no matter how intriguing the acting might have appeared, the story at its core is boring and nothing more.

This style of film and genre has exclusively been cornered into thrillers or horrors and I think somebody should branch out. Black Mirror (S2, E1, Be Right Back) showcased a romance based AI narrative, I think the AI story should be approached in a new light. Reinvent some originality back into the concept, maybe then these types of movies won’t be so predictable.

This film had every potential to be thrilling but instead it was almost comical. Often disturbing but more so boring, the story was bland with little memorable moments and it barely kept my attention.


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