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Agent Elvis - Matthew McConaughey stars as The King | REVIEW

This highly hilarious animation depicts The King as a secret agent who beats bad guys to death whilst juggling his world famous music career. Elvis is assisted by his psychotic sidekick chimp who often takes the battles to a whole new level of violent and crude. I can imagine this show would take a little getting used to for most audiences but personally, I knew I was going to be a fan after the first episode “Full Tilt”. This show falls between a completely outrageous adult comedy, spy parody and animated bliss. Netflix’s Agent Elvis is pretty child unfriendly and has far more in common with Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood than any cartoon from the 70s, this is the kind of show I’ve been waiting for. Seeing Elvis depicted in this slapstick, tongue in cheek way is truly refreshing. Agent Elvis brings a new, heroic, human and truly hilarious version to Elvis’ image that we’ve never seen before.

The visual style of the show is brilliantly dynamic and displays the fight scenes in the most creative way, this is a highly entertaining series for adults with sharp animation and all choreographed to Elvis hits. I commend Priscilla Presley for brining this series to life, I am grateful to watch this and throughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Episode one was particularly engaging and definitely set the bar high for the whole series. I am a very big fan of adult animation, Agent Elvis nods its hat to all the classics whilst having its own voice and brining in some genuinely shocking pieces of dialogue, brilliantly constructed references and cameos to pop culture icons and beyond violent visuals.

I cannot recommend this series enough, this is nothing like you would expect it to be. This is crude, rude and violent. A fun trip for those who enjoy adult animation and want a true laugh. A great piece of entertainment that I enjoyed from beginning to end, after you watch episode one you will not be able to stop. If you’re an Elvis fan of not, this is a unique and creative series with an incredible voice cast and unforgettable moments.


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