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X (2022) Review | This A24 Horror Movie is Fascinatingly Disturbing

X (2022) is a unique horror movie, it has all the right elements but is executed with the up most precision. Mia Goth is particularly transcendent in this role, she embodies the perfect representation of her character and executed a memorable and unforgettable new horror icon. X (2022) is a deeply disturbing and utterly fascinating A24 feature which displays the insecurities and fear of inevitably, ageing and being undesirable. I was completely obsessed yet traumatised throughout, unable to sleep peacefully after watching, the imagery stuck in my mind and still hasn’t quite left me. The narrative at its core is simplistic, yet the execution of the story adds so many complex layers and mystery. Almost creating its own universe we delve deep into the characters motives and intentions, trying to piece together the chaos. The plot didn’t loose my attention once, I was hooked on the screen for every moment and was fascinated by every decision and gut wrenching murder.

X (2022) is one of those rare horror films which will truly scare you, not through blood and guts but by challenging psychological fears all of us have. Choosing the face the unstoppable, the inevitable and coming to terms with the face that all of us will submit to the same fate. X combines all the right layers to create a impactful and suspenseful horror movie, we see complex characters with likeable qualities, a risky ‘job’ which needs to be completed and mysterious, unnerving suspects who you question from the very beginning. Highly recommend this movie for anyone how loves modern horror.

X (2022) will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more...


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