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White Noise (2022) is in-tune with humanities biggest fears | Review

From the outside it appears to be a fast paced, action packed comedy with a sinister twist. When in actuality, White Noise (2022) is a subdued dark comedy with a few moments of dread. Tonally bipolar and consistently stylised this movie throws its audience into the thick of it and often leaves us thinking, what’s happening? Their cosy lives and suburban neighbourhood are flipped upside down by an airborne toxic event but this physical happening encourages the characters to conquer their deepest inescapable fear- death. White Noise (2022) juggles the universal impossibility of suppressing the fear of our mortality—try as we might with the distractions of consumerism, family life, and mass media this film subdues all the ‘noise’ and focuses on reality, the now.

White Noise (2022) is a poetic feature, it appears to be a wild ride but it’s far from it. It’s a slow venture, a tedious journey to realisation and acceptance. The airborne toxic cloud is just a distraction, a catalyst for the inevitable. The movie is hard hitting, when you peel away the layers, at its core this film is an emotional, raw and poetic storytelling of human nature and life- although I thoroughly enjoyed the undertones and subliminal messages, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I was intrigued by the juxtaposition of comedy and tragedy, I was excited to watch the ending unfold but sadly I wasn’t quite given the comedic approach I was promised from the outside. Adam Driver did a brilliant job along side Greta Gerwig, the two carried the film and brought some genuinely likeable and memorable performances. Overall, White Noise (2022) isn’t a film for the masses, it displays so much more under the surface. This film will make you laugh, it’ll make you uncomfortable and it’ll make you question life itself.


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