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The Many Faces of Glen Powell: A Review of 'Hit Man (2024)' on Netflix

A killer macho movie that pulls out all the stops, action, comedy, thrills and sex appeal. Glen Powell shines in the lead role of Gary and all of his alter-egos, Powell continues to prove himself as a comedy actor and I personally love to watch him reach new heights in his career. Hit Man (2024) is a fast paced feature that doesn’t hesitate to get into the action, a story with layers and mystery but its most redeeming characteristic was Powell’s performance or should I say performances…

Hit Man (2024) accomplished a number of narrative twists and turns, from comedy, romance, mystery and action; this film succeeded at keeping the audience on its toes. In saying that, I did find a few aspects of the film to be predictable and none of the plot reveals came as a surprise to me. Nonetheless, Hit Man (2024) was entertaining and enjoyable from beginning to end but failed at bringing me any elements of surprise. 

Glen Powell wrote himself into the role of everyones dreams, being able to play a mysterious killer who wins over the ladies and fades into society like nothing ever happened. The characters of Gary and Ron were unbelievably likeable and I cannot give enough credit to Powell and his ability to bring charm and charisma to screen in every scene. 

I must finish this review by commenting on Powell’s ability to mould into different characters, it is rare for an actor to be this versatile whilst bringing endless aspects of comedy to his performance. I also want to give him a round of applause for his Christian Bale impression, it was flawless and was one of my favourites moments from the whole film. 


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