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The Bubble (2022)

The Bubble (2022) sees a group of actors making another film for their crappy blockbuster franchise…except this time, they’re trying to film during the global pandemic. From quarantining to sneaking out to hooking up and trying to film with fake dinosaurs, this movie tries to poke fun of the process of filmmaking during the pandemic. Honestly the last ten minutes were the highlight of the whole film, which is tragic but at least it did take a turn from the utter cringe fest it was at the beginning and the middle. Flipping the whole film on its head like it’s a documentary of the filmmaking is really fun. “As long as the ending is good that’s all they’ll remember”, which is literally the final line of this film… which is accurate. The ending was good but the rest of the film was not.

Some genuinely funny moments that made me laugh out loud… which I was very surprised by, some of the writing was fun and the actors delivered the lines well. The ending escalated so quickly, completely ridiculous with no jokes aside from the final mockumentary style moments. We’ve all seen the toxic film set and the crazed director depicted on screen, these moments started to become really repetitive and badly written. This film left like a weaker, uncreative and tasteless version of Tropic Thunder. The random cameos didn’t add anything triumphant, it remained mediocre and under developed. Netflix seems to make these high budget features with large casts and big wow factors and zero originality. Netflix need to start prioritising quality over quantity.

This film was definitely meta, it knew it was bad but that still didn’t make it enjoyable.

It’s semi-relatable, definitely trying to poke fun of the pandemic and hopefully make a few people smile during the process. It didn’t deliver in every aspect but some moments were genuinely funny.

Honestly, Peter Serafinowicz is a comic genius. His delivery on every line was epic, he definitely had a small role but made me laugh the most.

Sadly, I find Leslie Mann to be slightly dominating the comedy genre. I don’t find her delivery very funny anymore, she’s been over saturated and she was a little annoying at times.

Harry Trevaldwyn as Gunther was a stand out. Great comic timing and brought a light hearted yet odd element to the film, I wish he was utilised more!

Sometimes if the story is weak nothing can bring it to life, sadly aside from the great cast and attempt at comedy the film was lacklustre and underwhelming


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