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The Boys Gory Spin-off, Gen V (2023) | TV Probe

Spin-off from the Amazon Prime series, The Boys. The lives of hormonal, competitive Superheroes as they put their physical, sexual, and moral boundaries to the test.

With high hopes, Gen V was a breath of fresh air and truly exceeded all of my expectations. Within the world of ‘The Boys’, Gen V promised the same amount of gore, explicitly and comedy. With a strong cast as its core this series delivered in every same way The Boys does, with an insane amount of charisma and charm.

Gen V explores the first generation of superheroes and how they are trained to use their powers through school, what appears to be a nurturing eduction quickly turns into a corrupt battle between the students and Vought.

Gen V felt like an extenuation of The Boys, they nailed the exact essence from that original show and poured it into this one. I highly recommend this series to any fans of The Boys, it is highly infectious and truly one of a kind.

It feels natural that these shows would intertwine but having several cameos from The Boys characters was a highlight. Merging these storylines and bringing audiences up to date was an intelligent move and kept me passionate about the characters journey as it was connected to the characters we have grown to love. I am officially hooked, having fallen in love with the characters and their integral presence within the overall world narrative.


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