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Reviewing the Unique Blend of Horror, Comedy, and Gore in Universal Vampire Flick, Abigail

Blurring the lines of horror and comedy, Abigail is a modern take on the classic vampire trope, disarming you with an unassuming lead to take advantage of the ill equipped kidnappers. Abigail sees a young, vulnerable ballerina who’s taken in the night and held at ransom, little do we know the girl is not who she seems to be. Hiding her supernatural secret she attempts to take out her captures one by one, with blood and guts galore this vampire flick will leave you feeling somewhat unsatisfied. Abigail attempts to thrill and shock you by sadly, its most defining factor is its comedic elements.

I found Abigail to be a comedic approach to the horror genre rather than a blood curdling horror movie but in saying that, it continued to intrigue and entertain me. I was surprised by the continuing plot twists and original take of the tale, although it was predictable it retained its uniqueness.

Abigail delivered what it promised, a unique and memorable vampire movie with a compelling plot and a band of likeable characters. The cast ultimately saved this movie, young Alisha Weir was demanding on screen and her commitment to the role of Abigail was truly remarkable. Her supporting cast brought a variety of characteristics to the film, primarily the humour and superficial moments. Gory goodness from beginning to end, reminiscent of Ready or Not (2019) with the explosive violence, Abigail is an unmissable watch for gory horror fans but sadly doesn’t deliver all it was capable of. Delivering a simplistic horror with little memorability or distinctive story.

3/5 Probe Points


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