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Stephen King's 1408 (2007) | REVIEW

When Stephen King’s name is attached to any project, I’ll watch it. His name gives most films credibility, I can watch with ease knowing that something good will come of the experience. Stephen King is a legendary writer, his imagination has brought us some of the most iconic pieces of cinema to date, I adore his work and knew I was in for something special when I discovered 1408 (2008).

This film has a pretty non sensical narrative, we are positioned to find the lead character annoying and ignorant but quickly this depiction of him vanishes. John Cusack is brilliant in the title role, he plays with the audiences emotions by changing our opinions of him continuously. We love him, we hate him and this battle continues through the whole film which only fuels whether we want him to suffer or break free from the madness he is enthralled in. The overall narrative can be confusing at times, cliched or not, that is the point, the audience are support to be unsure what is real and what is fiction. Essentially, Cusack’s character spends his life trying to debunk ghost stories. Once he receives a threatening letter demanding him not to stay in room 1408 at the Dolphin hotel he, of course, cannot help but pay a visit. The film is a slow burner, keeping you intrigued from the beginning, skeptical of the myths and legends surrounding the room but completely compelling to see what happens.

Overall, 1408 (2018) is an under-appreciated thriller from King. I definitely believe it is about time this feature is remade, with modern storytelling and new styles of special effects this film could be incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the development of narrative and was completely taken back by the trick ending and double twist moment. The story is truly original and brings a very nostalgic atmosphere with it, with a strong cast and strong choices this film is a fun step into the early 2000s and makes for a fun viewing experience.


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