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Sexy, Chaotic & Crass: Emerald Fennell's Saltburn (2023) | Film Review

A daring new feature from the mind of Emerald Fennell, a risk taking director who tells the most unconventional yet truly fascinating stories. Fennell’s Saltburn surprised me, without an ounce of predictability this film is a true experience from beginning to end. With a cast who each deliver believable and rounded performances, embracing the opulence and arrogance of each character and making their journeys individual and unexpectedly likeable. Saltburn is a character based film with strong attention to details and development, I couldn’t look away and found myself eager to continue deeper into the chaos and deeper into the confusion. 

Although the story only gradually adds tension the pace is perfect, it is slow but enticing. Keoghan and Elordi embody a beautiful camaraderie on screen, complimenting one another and brining relaxed humour and believability to their roles. Keoghan in particular was faultless, I thoroughly enjoyed him simply being on screen and soaking up the pressure of carrying the films underlining narrative throughout. The aesthetic of Saltburn is something I admired, the crass and abrasive attitude to costume, set and music was a perfect amalgamation of the films characters and their lifestyle. Set in the early 2000’s the detail was period accurate and added a layer of comedy to the narrative with ease, along with the stylised music choices which complimented the actions and tone of the film. 

Overall, Saltburn is the dark horse of 2023. It has shocked, humoured and enamoured me. I am completely in owe of Emerald Fennell and her beautifully chaotic mind, Saltburn has become a true year favourite for me and I am beyond pleased I watched it. Saltburn will promise you one thing and present you with another, it is unpredictable, comedic but most of all utterly entertaining. Saltburn is a rare film which leaves you speechless at the end, impressed but speechless. I loved every second and I will be watching it again and again. 



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