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Scream (2022)

Did we need another scream movie? No. Was it still a cinematic masterpiece that was enjoyable, nostalgic and hellishly gory? Yes. Technically being the eighth scream movie in the horror franchise, this 2022 fantastical experience was executed to perfection. They blended the perfect amount of old with new, having an on the nose approach whilst happily poking fun of itself throughout. The new ‘legacy’ characters merged into the story seamlessly as they were all connected to the original characters in some way shape or form.

Twenty-five years after the infamous streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, California. A new killer dons the classic Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town's deadly past… seeing some of Screams staple characters return for one last scare was everything I’d ever dreamed of. Sidney, Dewey and Gail all together again on screen was magical, they have brilliant chemistry and their presence helped this movie be so memorable.

Original characters returning for last and final appearance. Can I say Neve Campbell looks incredible! Murder murder murder! The gore was exceptional, some of the murders were iconic and I throughly enjoyed the dramatic kills. Scream is a slasher and this scream was definitely living up to its name! Nobody was safe, some characters died that you really didn’t expect! I loved the shock factor and the pure drama of each murder.

The final ‘killer’ reveal was slightly anti climactic for me, I clocked who it was very early on. Either I’ve seen too many horror movies or it was too similar to the original Scream and I could see the ending coming a mile off.

Overall, this franchise has finally come to and end and this movie was the perfect send off. For any Scream lover this movie is full of Easter eggs and references, the universe they’ve created is a special one to see on screen and I love the nostalgia factor of the original characters coming back to their roots. Although the final reveal wasn’t very shocking, it didn’t ruin the film, it still felt like the right and only choice they could have made. Continuously referring to the previous movies, especially the first Scream but even then, if you are going in blind and have never seen a Scream movie before you won’t be lost or confused. Scream (2022) is a blend of old and new, it uses plenty of iconic moments from the past for those who are looking for them.

If you are unsure you’d like this movie or if you think they’ve gone too far and should have left well enough alone, don’t think that. Scream (2022) is a lot of fun, it’s a gore extravaganza, filled with genuine comedy and some awesome blasts from the past!


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