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Ralph Fiennes in The Menu (2022) is sinisterly salivating | Review

Sinisterly salivating, a spectacle of cinema which sees enticing performances, enthralling narrative and utterly satisfying conclusions. The Menu (2022) is far from your conventional thriller, it applies all the general conventions whilst placing us in a somewhat recognisable setting. We’ve all eaten in a restaurant right? Imagine that relaxed setting turning into a living nightmare. The Menu (2022) explores themes of control, perfection, unreachable expectation but most poignant is respect. Respect for the pleasures and privileges in live, when that respect diminishes the system must be reset. Chef Slowik represents perfection, a well kept garden, and Margot Mills (Anya Taylor-Joy) is the weed which corrupts the whole plot. Margot Mills is the only guest who truly respects the chef and his sacrifices, she is the only one who encourages him to shed the pretentious exterior and go back to his roots.

The storyline felt predictable from the outset, I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen - the chef kills the guests and serves them to the next guest. I can confidently confirm, the narrative is far more nuanced than that. The story less for the shock factor and more for the art. Ralph Fiennes was cast perfectly, his general energy as an actor is commanding, he projects leadership and embodied Chef Slowik devilishly realistically. I thoroughly enjoyed the stylised and majestic shots of the menu with small lighthearted subtitles to break up the chaos. I thoroughly enjoyed this unconventional horror, I went in expecting one thing and got something utterly unique and memorable. Highly recommended.


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