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Probing... Marriage Story (2019)

Only once in an actors life are they approached with such an effortlessly beautiful story like this one. Marriage Story (2019) is a rare occurrence in cinema, proving that the minimalistic, understated character journeys can be just as effective as any other blockbuster movie.

This motion picture showcases the breathtaking talents of Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, both completely melt into their roles enough for their famous faces to disappear into the background. At times I found myself forgetting who these ‘actors’ were and found myself trying to learn more of who these people were. The characters were almost real and unforgettably, simply being in the story, not acting.

The simplicity of narrative which tells the story of the struggle between a director and his actor wife who fight through a gruelling coast-to-coast divorce which only deteriorates their relationship with each other and their son. This dramatic storytelling of husband and wife distancing from each other is a worldwide phenomenon, most people in life know somebody who has experienced a divorce and this connection with individuals allows so much potential for each character within the film to be fully fleshed out, almost beyond necessity. Furthermore, it is meant by that, that these characters should have believable lives around what the audience sees, we as viewers should be able to construct our own idea of how their relationship is, or was. Personally, I feel as though I know everything there is to know about both protagonists, in the best way possible. I was given everything I needed in order to feel empathy, hatred, sympathy and most importantly love towards these ‘people’ showcased on my screen.

This movie is an opportunity to create meaningful, relatable, desirable characters who, to the naked eye, could be real or a representation of the real. Although all cinema is in some way, shape or form a comment on reality this movie speaks to me in a completely different way. Every piece of dialogue felt natural and unscripted and every movement felt instinctive and real which is indebted to the beautifully written screenplay and the equally beautiful directing of both Noah Baumbach. In saying that, I have the upmost respect for the director of this project but speaking as an aspiring actor this film moved me in ways I have no been before. Especially by the undoubtably talented Adam Driver, whom of which without this movie would be nowhere near as appreciated in my eyes.

I personally adore a ‘character’ development movie, I love being invested in a person rather than a story more often than ever.

Although this narrative is very linear and steady that in no way hinders the enjoyment a viewer can feel from the journey these characters encounter both alone and together. I highly recommend this movie for any lover of film and any lover of acting, the high expertise to create such an overall visually heart warming and heart wrenching movie will go down in cinema history.


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