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Marriage Story (2019)

I come back to this movie time and time again yet each time it engages me and surprises me. Marriage Story is a poetic storytelling of the ups and downs relationships and ultimately the battle of divorce. Marriage Story stars two of my all time most beloved actors, Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, two power house actors who perform beautifully together as a team. Both performances are complimentary of and other and both actors have perfect chemistry together. I couldn’t ask for a better duo to play the estranged husband and wife, their characters are incredibly complex and your sympathy shifts from one to the other throughout. It is a battle for who you want to come out on top but In reality, this movie is heartbreakingly realistic and challenges all the issues couples experience everyday.

This film bends over backwards to encourage its audience to feel something towards its character and I can confidently say they succeeded. Every argument, conflict or heart break I am there with these character, experiencing it every step of the way. I feel emotionally exhausted and drained after watching this movie because I feel so attached to the characters of Charlie and Nicole and in my opinion that is down to the incredible directing but most of all the incredible acting from Scarlett and Adam. Truly memorable and iconic, these performances will live on forever. I also wanted to address Laura Dern’s performance, although her character is conniving, ruthless and almost unlikable she gives a stand out performance that absolutely adds to the suspense and overall heartache of this drama.


By far one of my favourite movies of 2019, Marriage Story is a realistic, organic and realistic example of storytelling on screen. It displays the life of relatable characters and gives them a voice, this movie is remarkable and I love it more and more every time I sit down and watch it.


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