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Jungle Cruise (2021)

| Disclaimer | This probe is all pre-release opinions and speculation before actually seeing the feature. At Film Probe we thought we’d break down the trailer and bring you our thoughts on the new action adventure comedy, Jungle Cruise.

If you’ve never visited a Disney theme park before you’d be unaware that Jungle Cruise is a very iconic ride, actually one of the original rides from Disneyland California. This movie is solely based off the ride in mention, similarly to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, this plot is completely fabricated from the rides visuals. Jungle Cruise is by far one of the most memorable rides in Disney, which gives me high hopes for this adaptation. The ride follows the story of us ‘the explorers’ traveling on a boat through the jungle, we encounter animals and natives on our journey. The ride is peaceful and quaint but I expect this movie is going to be the complete opposite.

From the trailer we meet Emily Blunt and her brother Jack Whitehall who require the assistance of skipper Frank to take them down the Amazon to discover an accident tree that holds the power to heal — a discovery that will change the future of medicine forever. Essentially, this film is set up as primarily a comedy. Lots of wisecracking and plenty of sarcasm, which is definitely something Dwayne Johnson can deliver. The trailer includes some cursed looking pirates… which could be an interesting spin on the plot, adding an element of fear factor could make this movie more dynamic.

Overall, I think this movie could be a classic, although I’m not Emily Blunt’s biggest fan I think she fits this role. Almost a Jane from Tarzan aesthetic, posh English lady on the outside but intelligent powerful woman on the inside. I hope we get to see plenty Easter eggs and nods to the original ride, for Disney lovers like me, moments like that would be greatly appreciated.

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