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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales

The fifth element to the Pirates Of The Caribbean (2017) franchise had my attention to begin with, but it slowly started to make me think how forced these plot lines are becoming. Hopefully this is the last addition to the family because throughout it was just missing something. Whether the iconic actors couldn’t mask their boredom any longer, this film made it all loose the magic for me.

I’ve always enjoyed these movies, they’ve been the perfect hybrid of action, comedy, adventure and romance. They’ve been entertaining me since I was little, this is why I’m at a crossroads. I both loved and loathed this film, growing up with these characters I’ve created a special bond with them which has made me enjoy the films unconditionally. But this one was too long and too similar to the previous four films. If they continue making films they need to be different. It must to be captivating and engaging for every single second.


The plot itself introduces a new villain, Captain Salazar. He escapes from the Devil’s Triangle and goes on his quest to find Jack Sparrow and make him pay for what he’s done to him before they discover the legendary Trident of Poseidon. The CGI of these characters is incredible, they’ve been blown up and wounded in a ship wreck. Leaving them full of holes and dying, unfortunately for them the curse of the Devil’s Triangle keeps them in purgatory. The team of animators really excelled in making Salazar’s face cracked like china and his hair flow like he’s constantly in water. These effects really added to his overall look and made me appreciate all the work that’s gone into these looks and the previous look of Davy Jones and his crew.

Lets begin with Captain Jack himself (Johnny Depp), this character has become one of the most popular protagonists in movie history. He’s known and loved by everyone because of his incredible wit, charm and humour. Sadly, from the first ‘The Curse of the Black Pearl’ to the present ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Sparrow has slowly been loosing his touch. Over acting, over emphasising and becoming a silly caricature. I don’t want this character to be hated and end on a bad note, I want this character to be loved to the very end as he deserves. Meaning, I truly hope Disney let this character go in order to concentrate on something new.


The new addition Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) was a strong female character who I personally liked. Her intelligence and independence make her a real stand out role, she helps Sparrow to find the Trident of Poseidon whilst slowly finding out who she really is. Henry (Brenton Thwaites) is introduced straight away as Will Turner’s (Orlando Bloom) son, he has a strong presence in the film as he helps with the same quest in order to save his father from the curse of Davy Jones, this sounds familiar. Both are secondary characters to Jack Sparrow of course, but they both bring something new to the already told story. Now I’ve introduced Will Turner I can finally say how unnecessary his character presence was, he only appeared at the very start and the very end. Making his appearance a short one, not only is his character thrown in for no reason but his acting was very poor. Bloom’s low, husky voice added nothing at all. I’ve always loved Turners character, but this was just so pointless. Don’t even get me started on the silent appearance of Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knighley) who literally had nothing to say.

Lets be honest we have been so lucky to have the talented Geoffrey Rush be part of this team, Captain Barbosa is a hugely loved pirate who makes us laugh and cry. (SPOILER) Typically the only person who can act is killed off in this movie after revealing a huge story line! I’m very sad this character had to go next, he will forever be my favourite. Of course he could come back, he’s done it before!


Overall, this film leaves me confused. I’m not sure whether I liked it or not. It’s a good watch, if you love the franchise your bound to enjoy it if you ignore the annoying similarities and lack of spark. The characters are just as loveable and the plot is just as confusing as usual, if your like me you’ll still get that warm feeling inside when you hear that iconic Pirates Of The Caribbean music.

You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.



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