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Good Boys (2019)

If you find it funny when a young boy says ‘fuck’ a lot then this movie is going to be your favourite. Good Boys (2019) is an adventure comedy following a young boy Max who is 12 years old has the chance to kiss his crush at a party. He works out a plan with his best friends to learn how to kiss before embarrassing himself. The plot is incredibly basic but in all honesty this film isn’t about the story it’s about the characters. Max, Thor and Lucas are adorably casted and do a really great job when handling some questionable and uncomfortable scenes.

This film definitely tries to make you cringe, I for one cringed a lot whilst watching so I suppose they succeeded? This film is most definitely inspired by Superbad (2007), ironically Seth Rogan helped produce this film so I’m not the least bit surprised. The idea of three friends one being the nerd, one the muscle and one the lover they perfectly mirror with the characters from Superbad. It was as though they took the characters to the fountain of youth and simply made the same movie again… I did enjoy this film and I thought it was acted well by the boys and had some funny moments but it felt too recycled for me. I felt like I knew all the jokes and I knew the ending, sometimes kids swearing and talking about sex isn’t funny it’s just unimaginative?

If you don’t particularly want to watch something you have to engage with, this film is great. It’s care free fun and effortless comedy, it’s something you should give a go but don’t expect the world. It’s a basic movie but does the job for a Friday night cinema night.


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