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Old (2021)

A disturbing and chilling film that sees a group of innocent holiday goers stranded on a beach but their relaxing getaway quickly turns into a living nightmare. From the crazed mine of M. Night Shymylam, Old (2018) is one of the most thrilling yet alarming horror films I have ever seen, I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning and it only got more intense with every breathe. The story continued to develop ever so slowly whilst taking beats to allow for the viewers to think, throughout the whole viewing experience I felt uneasy and worried for the characters impeding doom. Alex Wolf was a stand out in this feature, his performance was incredible. He kept the mannerisms of a young boy throughout the film and an innocence to his voice and demeanour.

I have never seen a film like this, it was utterly terrifying and completely disturbing. I wasn’t expecting what happened to happen but that is what made the film so intriguing. Truly unique and original in every way, this is a horror film like no other. Definitely not for the faint hearted, there were some moments the physically made me stiff and uncomfortable. M. Night has outdone himself, although I will not be watching this movie again any time soon, it will most definitely be ingrained in my memory, unable to forget. It had a somewhat humble ending, our primary family came to an end, there was no stopping it, completely tragic and quite saddening to watch - then, when we thought it was all over we remember this is going to happen to another family and the ending was definitely worth it. A genuinely intelligent end with an amazing shock twist!


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