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Nope (2022) is a big fat yes! | Review

Jordan Peele’s Nope (2022) is a whirlwind of thrill and spectacle, taking the audience on a journey of mystery- this feature takes us where no man has gone before, into the mouth of the breast! Described as a sci-fi horror, Nope (2022) combines the carelessness of human nature with the brutality of animalistic instincts. On the surface, Nope (2022) is a movie about an alien invasion but once you peel away the layers, an in depth commentary on control and nature is revealed under the mystery.

Although Nope (2022) was a slow burner and took at least half the films duration to fully draw me in, once I was drawn in, I couldn’t look away… This film is incredibly well written, the characters are all likeable and relatable, especially KeKe Palmers bubbly addition to the cast. Palmers impression lightened the movie and allowed for some really natural comedy to feed in, which I enjoyed. The storyline overall was complex and it’s taken me a few days to fully understand all the elements but now I can day, Nope (2022) is a thrill ride, it’s a shockingly divisive movie which will leaving you questioning everything, is that cloud moving? Well, I highly recommend this feature to a horror lover, it isn’t your standard ‘horror’ but it embodies everything Peele is about.


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