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Is Netflix's Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Worth the Hype?

Netflix's most recent release of Enola Holmes 2, tells the story of the young detective who finally takes on her first case as an official detective. In order to unravel her first mystery of a missing girl, she'll need some help from friends -- and most likely her brother Sherlock.

Not ignoring the fact that Enola Holmes at its core is still a kids film about a plucky young detective trying to make her own mark on the world, this film still has some fun moments for its older viewers. Millie Bobby Brown stars as Enola and has been cast perfectly into the role, her forthright delivery and ambitious character choices make for a great viewer experience.

Being a fan of mysteries and crime dramas it should come as no surprise that this movie was incredibly predictable, sadly it felt a little too childish for me to fully invest and enjoy the plot. I found the build up and ending reveal to be extremely obvious from the beginning but I am sure for younger audiences this is an enticing storyline. In saying that, despite the predictability of the narrative I did enjoy the overall development and underlying plot points of women in work during the time period, the events of the movie being based on true events was very clever and helped bring some important themes into the story.

Enola Holmes 2 will definitely be an inspirational film for young girls, I have no doubt. This film is showing young viewers what they’re capable of, if Enola can do it, so can you. Enola is the modern interpretation of Nancy Drew and I like what she represents as a character, even though I don’t think the films are fleshed out quite enough as they should be.

Essentially, Enola Holmes 2 is a fun watch for the family. This isn’t a strictly compelling crime drama, it’s fluffed out with a lot of jokes and forth wall breaks which weren’t particularly needed. The film is also over two hours long which feels incredibly unnecessary, they could have solved the crime and saved the day in under one. To conclude, this movie wasn’t as compelling as the first but it definitely delivered in entertainment value for younger audiences, I would recommend this for a family weekend watch.


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