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Michael Mann's Ferrari (2023) | Film Review

For those of you who went to watch Ferrari expecting a loud and aggressive racing film, filled with the flash lifestyle of Ferrari and the glorious legacy of the company… this is not the right film for you. This is not your typical ‘car’ film nor is it a classic racing movie, Ferrari (2023) is a historical depiction of greed and excess. This was not the film I expected it to be, it was far more compelling and emotional, I was expecting the intensity of racing and the madness of speed but instead, I was met with the calming approach to it all from Enzo Ferrari himself. Adam Driver couldn’t have been cast into a better role, he commands the screen and carries every scene he’s in. Driver alongside Penelope Cruz was a depiction of true acting, sadly the whole cast didn’t match their exceptional performances; Shaileen Woodley was a distractingly poor casting choice and she felt out of place throughout. Aside from her presence, Ferrari (2023) was an enticing story telling of passion and how obsession can consume someone. 

Ferrari (2023) is a film for inquisitive minds who want to see the detail, viewers who want to learn more behind the scenes. This film was made for car lovers, made for an audience who admire the Ferrari legacy. Although this film was staggered and delivered more emotion than thrill, the overall feeling throughout was enticing and kept me engaged until the very end. The dynamic between Driver and Cruz was electric along with the dedication to depicting the decade, which did not go unnoticed. Using accurate car models, costumes, scenery and landscapes; the film felt like an exclusive look into the past. 

To conclude, Ferrari (2023) was nothing like I expected it to be. It was softer, slower and far more emotional charged than I anticipated but I was pleased with the final result. Of course, it would have been entertaining to see more racing and more cars but that is for another film. Easily, the Mille Miglia was a stand out moment from the film, watching that race on the big screen was spectacular and I truly think that should be a film in itself. Overall, Ferrari (2023) was a surprise but a pleasant one at that. 

8/10 Probe Points


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