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Liquorice Pizza (2021)

This film is unconventional whilst being very relatable. The script writing has a minute attention to detail, the conversations flow like water, it’s effortless. We see two young, star crossed lovers, he falls for her but she resists her emotions due to their age difference. The two create a quick bond with one another, they become inseparable whilst making mistakes, joking and encountering some interesting individuals.

It all started with one of the most simplistic yet captivating conversations between boy and girl. The typical trope of boy meets girl in a conventional setting, characters talking about something mundane will always grip me, in mindless chatting we see the best acting. The two actors we see in the title roles are utterly brilliant, natural, organic, believable and real. I adored watching them talk about some of the most normal things and genuinely enjoying themselves.

I adored this film, I found it to be a really easy to watch, comforting romance comedy which sees two loveable characters competing with each other, trying to make the other one jealous. They have fun continuously, the playful dynamic between them is magnetic. It’s definitely an ‘Oscar’ movie, it ticked all the boxes whilst also being a little strange at times. A few plot points felt random but somehow worked into the narrative well? Who knew a story centred around two young people selling water beds could be so moving and touching?


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