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Key & Peel star in Animation, Wendell & Wild (2022) | Review

Wendell & Wild is an unusual fantasy movie with some unforgettable plot points and distinctly likeable characters. From formidable director Henry Selick who brought us Coraline (2009) and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), this stop-start animation was executed by highly skilled and talented hands. With very strong similarities and influences from Selick’s quirky flick, Coraline, Wendell & Wild incorporates and plays with dark themes such as immortality. Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key always deliver as a comedy duo and never fail to impress. Their presence in this feature was highly effective and brought some of the best light hearted and ice breaker moments- their characters were the stars of the show and should become some of animations favourites next to Jack Skellington and Coraline herself.

Wendell & Wild finds the balance between children’s entertainment and adult animation, this feature was uniquely animated to appeal to younger audiences but also incorporated a number of references and one liners to speak to older viewers. I personally thoroughly enjoyed the movie and particularly liked the detail paid to making the characters look like their voice actors. Wendall and Wild distinctly portray Key and Peele and that detail only added to my overall enjoyment.

Overall, Wendell & Wild had a peculiar personality which was highly entertaining to watch. The characters were extremely lovable and the whole plot, although dark and foreboding at times, was warm and ended in an appropriately adorable way. I highly recommend this film to any fans of Henry Selick’s previous works, it is an animated classic for new generations with inclusive characters and a compelling plot.


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