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Jackass Forever (2022)

If you’re unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Jackass it’s essentially a whole film dedicated to a group of guys (and one new lady) performing ridiculous, painful and often dirty stunts for our pure entertainment. We get to see the original gang back together again, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-Man, Dave England, Preston Lacey, Ehren xxx and Chris Pontious, along with several new comers to bulk out the stunts. Over 90 minutes of fun and head trauma, what more could you want? Endless comedy, endless pain, endless idiocy - and not to forget, from a group of fully grown men.

I must say, the sheer creativity is commendable. I am always beyond impressed with the mass amount of immature ideas and utter randomness they bring to the scenarios set up for the film. This movie sees Steve-O covered in bees, Ehren in a room with a bear and of course, Knoxville playing with bulls, again.. Jackass has always been one of the few movies that can genuinely make me laugh out loud, over and over again. It isn’t for the faint of hearted and it most certainly isn’t for a mature audience, Jackass is for the immature idiot in us all. It’s a truly magnificent depiction of human idiocy and I personally cannot get enough of it.


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