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Is Disney's Strange World (2022) Worth The Watch? | Review

The Clades are a legendary family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest and most crucial mission into uncharted and treacherous territory.

Disney take us out of this world with the newest addition to their streaming platform - Strange World (2022). An intelligent example of storytelling and character development, this feature sees a close knit family farmers enthralled into an unexpected adventure which will save their livelihood. The characters are complex and fully formed, Searcher is a likeable father figure and the inclusion of a LGBT+ character in the form of son, Ethan Clade it truly special to see in a Disney feature. Each character has their own story arc and we see them develop into the person they’re meant to be, Searcher through finding his father and Ethan through finding what he believes in. Although this film isn’t your typical ‘cute’ Disney movie, with adorable characters and cuddly outset, Strange World (2022) does embody the essence of Disney through realistic stories and relatable obstacles.

Disney’s cartoon version of Avatar? When I first started watching I truly thought this was Disneys attempt at Pandora, it’s a visually explosive and electric movie, with something to constantly look at and explore! The living creatures in the new world they discover are magnificently formed and animated- this is a very unique feature for Disney. Although I enjoyed the concept of this film and the end reveal of the whole world being an immune system, I found it to be very un-Disneylike - it was a little too wacky and a little too complex to be an easy family watch. Strange World (2022) is a Disney movie for adults, it’s a compelling story with modern characters and ultimately a satisfying end.


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