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Hang Up on Mr. Harrigan's Phone (2022) Review

This film had all the right elements to be a compelling and thrilling story, based off/loosely inspired by a Stephen King story, produced by Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum but sadly, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022) was an utterly disappointing and lacklustre attempt at a horror movie. Whilst watching I kept hoping for something new to develop, something creepy to transpire or even one jump scare - but nothing. The whole movie left like one long, overworked, boring excuse for a horror movie, I was bitterly disappointed. The characters were all annoyingly one dimensional and lacked any kind of likability, even Craig, the main character, he was incredibly bland and couldn’t carry the story on his own.

Calling this a ‘horror/thriller’ is incorrect, this film has zero horror elements. I cannot recommend this movie less, I’d been waiting for it to drop on Netflix but sadly it was a major disappointment. The story itself had some potential, the idea of somebodies phone contacting you from beyond the grave is interesting but we’ve seen this concept before, executed far far better! This film was a slow burner, continuing to keep you dangling off the edge of hope until the bitterly disappointing ending. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022) is not worth your attention, if you see this one pop up on Netflix and think ‘oooo, that looks good’, don’t torture yourself - it is not very good.


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