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Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities | Review

An anthology series which shows us a series of uniquely individual stories, hosted by the mastermind of the weirdly wonderful, Guillermo Del Toro. This series showcases what Del Toro does best, this show embodies everything he is made off and if you enjoy his aesthetic and genre style, you’ll enjoy this. I will say, out of the eight episodes I only truly enjoyed two of them, Episode one and Episode four. Both of these felt a little darker, more sinister and had a genuinely interesting through line from beginning to end. With any anthology series, it is easy to compare it to Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone and I did see some major influences from both. Sadly though, when comparing it becomes obvious this series didn’t quite meet its match.

Each episode was slightly too slow for me, all the episodes were up to an hour long and I personally think it would have been far more engaging if each episode was thirty minutes or less. Often with an anthology series it is hard to keep the audience entertained as we meet new characters and stories every episode. Making the episodes shorter would have kept my attention for longer and prevented me from wanting to jump ahead. Overall, an interesting series with some great performances and visuals. Although, in saying that, this series wasn’t a favourite of mine and I didn’t find the stories to be as engaging as other anthology series’.


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