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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 (2023), The End of an Era | Review

This film was a big pill to swallow, an impressive visual spectacle with an incredible cast, director and story but at its core, this is an emotional rollercoaster for fans of the franchise and in my opinion, a perfect way to end the trilogy. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 (2023) is the long awaited instalment in one of the greatest Marvel franchises, ever. This film sucker punches you in the face with tragedy, then quickly has you back to laughing, then crying again. There is never a dull moment, whether that be the incredible action sequences, heart breaking backstories or killer soundtrack this movie keep you entertained from beginning to end.

We got to see the Guardians fight as a team one last time and it was magical, watching this movie on in a Dolby theatre was how it was meant to be seen. A shock to the senses and an overwhelming sense of community and love towards the characters and the minds behind the film. James Gunn never fails to impress me, every feature I have seen of his is incomparably perfect and this film is no exception.

I can confidently say I have never sobbed more than during this screening, not only because I am emotional attached the the characters but the storyline touched on some truly heartbreaking moments and visuals which have stayed with me since leaving the theatre. It is no secret that this story was revealing Rocket’s origin and backstory, the execution of his early life was incredibly emotional and brought me to tears every time without fail. Rocket is one of the strongest and most beloved characters, seeing him vulnerable and a victim was hard even if he is a computer generated Racoon. Nonetheless, the warmth and utter love I felt towards Rocket and his newly introduced friends in this movie was inconceivable.

The High Evolutionary and Adam Warlock were very strong additions to the franchise and I thoroughly enjoyed their intentions and execution, they both blended in with the film seamlessly. In saying that, I would have loved to see more of Adam Warlock. His character was hyped into being a central theme but he was defiantly just a secondary character but I have a feeling we may be seeing more of him…

James Gunn delivered on every aspect of thrill and suspense, I didn’t think any character was safe but… in reality, they all were. We didn’t see any Guardians die in this movie and I really thought we’d see at least one.

Overall, this film was filled with action and detail, every moment was impactful and every line was memorable. Every corner of the screen was filed with something to engage with and I appreciated every intention and detail. This film has not felt my mind, I cannot stop thinking about how much of an impression it has made on me. I am truly moved by the movie and cannot believe how much it impacted me and brought out a lot of emotions! The cast all brought their best performances, Zoe Saldana gave us a new version of Gamora which I loved but the stand out here was Rocket, it’s always been his story and we finally got to see it. One of the most perfect trilogies to ever be made. Guardians of the Galaxy is unbeatable, memorable and simply perfect in every way.


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