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Fresh (2022)

Fresh (2022) newly added to Disney Star, this freaky feature sees Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones in the title roles. The horrors of modern dating are seen through the eyes of a young woman who meets a guy too good to be true. When the relationship develops quickly she finds herself battling to survive his unusual appetites.

Fresh is a uniquely original plot with dominating characters and a bucket load of drama. I went into this film with one idea of what was going to happen but boy was I wrong. With similarities to Split (2016), the idea of an innocent encounter turned sour very very quickly. Sebastian Stan does a really incredible job as Steven, you could almost fall in love with him yourself through the screen, his charming demeanour and attentiveness makes him the perfect actor to perfect this demonic character. Edgar-Jones is great along side him, the two have great chemistry which only helps the story feel all the more enticing and believable. Yes, believe it or not, no matter how terrifying the story is, it’s done correctly and almost realistically.

The music choices were really well picked, I found the songs to help the narrative along. Especially the song choice over the trailer, very enticing and made me want to watch even more.

The story was kept enough of a secret to still be surprised by the outcome, I had no idea Steven’s ‘profession’ was what it was. I was really pleased with the surprise plot twist and I’d never seen anything like it.

Sebastian Stan’s ‘dance’ sequence was hilariously horrible. He did such a fantastic job of creating the character of Steve. Utterly evil yet completely lovable.

The ending was perfectly satisfying, without spoilers, Steven gets him comeuppance and it is so brilliant. The ending was the only ending this film could have had.

Although the scene where Steven disfigures Noa by removing her butt shows he’s serious and only solidifies his intentions, it was almost never spoken of again? It felt like it was just for shock factor and nothing more? We got no explanation for that or anything reference post? Personally, I needed a little more backstory to Steven / Brendan’s relationship with his wife. It was eluded that she used to be a victim and presumably used his emotions against him but there wasn’t enough attention to her betrayal against the girls ?

Overall, Fresh (2022) was a unique watch that thrilled me and kept me invested. I was jumping out of my seat at the end, praying the girls would make their escape. I was invested in the characters, I cared about Noa and the other women, I was rooting for them. No matter how much I enjoyed Sebastian Stan’s performance, he got the perfect ending. I would highly recommend this, definitely not your ‘family friendly’ watch, it is pretty explicit and gory at times but nonetheless, I really enjoyed it and thought it was well written, well acted and well directed.


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