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Fantasy Spectacular, Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves (2023) | Review

Aesthetically this film is dark with layered comedy and genuine thrill throughout. Sadly, I am not familiar with Dungeons and Dragons origins, before this films release I had no prior knowledge in this story but as a stand alone piece, this film is light and easy to follow with a cohesive story and strong potential.

The ensemble have a great dynamic and effortlessly glide through the thrilling narrative, each character brings their own vital component to making this film utterly enjoyable. It should go without saying but Chris pine is the stand out. Pine carries the film from beginning to end with complete ease and pure comedy, he leads the other characters beautifully and not many actors could salvage this film as brilliantly as him. Without his presence the movie would be missing something. Also, I want to mention Hugh Grant, who is widely known to play the disarmingly charming villain within cinema. I thought the addition of his character arc was really enjoyable and one of the stand out performances alongside Pine, the two had a brilliant dynamic which was fun to watch unfold.

Overall, Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves (2023) was not a film I was expecting to enjoy. I assumed this film would be full of special references only true fans would appreciate but after watching I can confirm the film felt fresh and organic; regardless of any lore or pre-existing media. This film was a perfect blend of comedy, adventure and fantasy. Although, I wouldn’t say this film was strictly memorable and often founds itself lacking any truly originally content, it was still entertaining to say the least.


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