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Eternals (2021)

With an all star cast and recent Oscar winning director, Eternals (2021) had every bit of potential to wow and please it’s audience but instead it left me feeling almost cheated and disappointed. The Eternals are a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers, they have secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years to protect the humans and help them to evolve. After centuries they reunite to battle against a plan to destroy the planet they have grown to love.

Eternals (2021) has left audiences feeling a little deflated, myself included. Being one of the newest Marvel movies, interjecting a new world of possibilities into the franchise and introducing us to potential replacements for our beloved Avengers. It should have been received better but unfortunately, it didn’t deliver. I found Eternals (2021) to be an unemotional, bland attempt at creating a new avengers or equivalent to the iconic group of hero’s. Shoving an all star cast at the project doesn’t make the underlying elements any better, the visuals were dull and lacking in personality or colour. I wanted and I needed more originality, these characters felt one dimensional and basic. I couldn’t warm to the characters and I wasn’t given enough time to care about them.

The Eternals comic book series was originally written by Jack Kirby in the 70s, Kirby being one of the most innovative and influential creators. I do not believe for a second he would be proud of this film, it has no soul and it doesn’t exude comic book personality. It has very little creativity and felt very average. Kit Harrington was not utilised enough, he was definitely the best actor in the cast yet he was the only earth bound being. I know they set us up for a sequel and he will have more to show but he needed more screen time. The costumes were incredible, I have to say I found the costumes were one of the best elements to this movie. They screamed ‘superhero’ and I loved that. The cast - when I say ‘all star’ I mean it, this cast had famous faces all over. Although it didn’t make the film any better it definitely made it interesting. I am usually a big fan of Gemma Chan’s, I think she’s made some brilliant films and I think he is a fantastic actress but she fell so flat in this film. Either her direction was bland or she was disinterested but either way, it came through in her performance and I found her draining to watch.

To conclude, Eternals (2021) was suppose to be something monumental for Marvel. This film was meant to be the new beginning, a fresh start to bring in new characters, new villains, new stories but instead it felt very mediocre. The cinematography was beautiful and the fight scenes with Angelina Jolie were all fun to watch but as an overall feature, it fell flat. I found myself longing for scenes to end and hoping for more comedy and more excitement. All the characters were one dimensional and unimaginative, the casting wasn’t as good as it could have been and in all honesty this film could have really worked with new faces, a new opportunity for new actors. Rather than recycling actings and trying to oversell the cast to the audience. I wanted to enjoy this one but it didn’t delivery anything I wanted, it was dark and dull.


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