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Empowering Sports Tale of Swimmer Diana Nyad, Nyad (2023) | Film Review

A cinematic spectacle that shows the beauty of perseverance, determination and simply following your dreams. Before watching this film I had no previous knowledge of Diana Nyad, the film educated me and shocked me to my core, I couldn’t believe she really endured all she did. She is represented as a resilient, strong and hard working individual who allowed no obstacle to stand in the way of her dreams and aspirations. Nyad was an olympic swimmer who wanted to exceed her achievements time and time again, needing to prove to herself and the world that you are never too old to achieve your dreams. 

Nyad (2023) was empowering and thrilling, from beginning to end Annette Benning represents Diana Nyad as a hard woman who puts up with nothing, she is tough but she is extremely likeable. Alongside Jodie Foster, who also brings a charming performance to screen with her constant support and comedic moments which lightened the intensity. 

The film was structured well and flowed easily, I never lost engagement and couldn’t look away from the screen. It helped that I didn’t know the history of Nyad and I had no idea if she would succeed or not, this kept me on the edge of my seat and made the experience unique and unpredictable. 

Overall, Nyad (2023) was a surprisingly enjoyable watch. I was not expecting to enjoy this feature as much as I did, usually sport themed films don’t appeal to me but this was far beyond that. Nyad (2023) tells a story of female power, women proving the world wrong and that story is one I found very empowering and inspiring. Diana Nyad should be proud of this feature, it tells her story with the utmost respect and admiration. 


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