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Dolly Parton's Movie Debut, 9 to 5 | Review #66

It is my goal for 2023 to review 100 of my favourite films of all time.

Welcome to the Filmprobe Top 100 list...

9 to 5 (1980) is one of those unsung comedy heroes, a true shining star for female comedy actors looking to learn from some of the best. Tomlin, Parton and Fonda absolutely nail their roles within this feature and bring some of the most hilarious comedic acting from that decade.

When I originally watched this film I had no idea for the plot or overall narrative, going into this film completely blind was such a gift because of the pure shock and excitement I felt when the narrative unfolded. This film a true example of simple storytelling with some incredible actors to bring the pages to life, this movie is fun, memorable and beyond entertaining. I often rewatch this movie and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. If you’re lucky enough to have not watched this movie, I cannot recommend it enough. This is a hilarious watch that will leave you beaming with joy by the end, a beautiful tale of friendship, revenge but most of all this film shows you what women are made of!


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