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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) is not your typical superhero movie, this is a spectacle of good verses evil. Continuing the never ending story of marvel hero’s, we see Doctor Steven Strange battling to save his world and multiple worlds within the multiverse from domination and control. This feature was a sensory overload from the very beginning, we are introduced to a new character - miss America Chavez who has the power to travel through multi dimensional. Once her powers are revealed to the world it becomes apparent that Strange may know the culprit behind her attempted kidnapping - somebody we are very familiar with.

Seeing Wanda in a new light is utterly fantastic, I have always anticipated seeing Wanda transform into the Scarlett Witch. This character journey was the primary reason I wanted to see this film and I was not disappointed. Every battle scene with Wanda was a spectacle, special effects and outstanding acting props, the whole cast and crew really brought the best story for her and I couldn’t have been happier watching her fall from grace and find the darkness within her.

Doctor Strange is lucky to have some of the best films in the MCU, this film is definitely epic and brought all the best possible moments. Watching in theatres was a special experience and some of the more disturbing or horror scenes were really impactful. I loved seeing Strange in a new light, it’s exciting and unexpected to see these characters in a ‘scary’ or dark theme but I highly support this choice! It’s about time the MCU took a turn into something darker, these characters have amazing storylines and I’m excited to see more.

Introduction of America is very exciting - opens another door to a new era of supers. Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic in the Strange movies, this is not exception. His accent and overall mannerisms are flawless, especially along side the powerhouse which is Elizabeth Olsen - who also brings an outstanding performance. The visuals are epic. Whilst travelling through the multiverse we are some incredible special effects which are unforgettable. Also the scene with ‘dead’ strange or zombie strange were terrifyingly amazing. Unforgettable. I adored WandaVision - it’s one of the greatest shows Disney have released. I wish we got to see more Easter eggs from the show.

The multiverse scenes with the alternate ‘avengers’ including some celebrity cameos felt forced and unnecessary. We saw these characters for a few minutes before they died. Wanda could have proven her power in so many different ways - killing some celeb cameos was strange (pardon the pun).

Although I have praised this film for all its best qualities, which it has a lot of. I do find the Marvel narrative is becoming incredibly vast, this film opens the flood gates to Disney creating any kind of film from any multiverse - they have this as a fall back. I’m scared the idea of the multiverse will confuse the Marvel timeline and almost encourage Disney to create films against the formulae or timeline - I like the idea of all films being connected in some way! I love Easter eggs and it would be sad if Disney lost this just to mass produce films.


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