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Do Revenge (2022)

Do Revenge is a fun female comedy which combines themes from classic teen movies all into one fantastic story. With two strong female leads driving the narrative, Maya Hawke and Camille Mendes are perfectly cast in this revenge story. Reminiscing ideas from Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, John Tucker Must Die, Jawbreaker, Clueless and many many more. This quirky feature radiates the vibe of a classic girlie flick, it has a really intelligent plot whilst being relatable for modern audiences. The idea of switching each others revenge story so the victims are assume nothing is a really fun element and getting back at the toxic ex is just as entertaining.

Overall, Do Revenge (2022) is a thoroughly entertaining teen movie with a coherent story and genuinely likeable characters. I was really pleased with this films execution of comedy and drama, it had a brilliant balance of serious and light hearted themes. Do Revenge (2022) feels like a love letter to classic teen flicks, it has such an amazing attention to detail, the soundtrack and the bubblegum costumes all add to the overall theming and memorability of the film. I would definitely sit down again and watch this movie, it was highly entertaining, performed well and gave for a very fun viewing experience from beginning to end!


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