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Disney's Disenchanted (2022) Is Magic | Review

The modern Disney movie we have all been waiting for? Finally, Disney bring us something completely original rather than a remake of one of their classics. Yes, it’s a sequel but a sequel to something utterly original! Disenchanted (2022) brings all of beauty from the beloved tale Enchanted (2007), a nostalgic Disney feature. This movie has all the fun and uniqueness from its predecessor, seeing Giselle back in the lime light and Amy Adams back in her element is special.

The narrative takes place around twenty years later, young Morgan is all grown up, Giselle and Robert are married and have another baby. Giselle has proven that a fairytale princess can have a ‘normal’ life… until she starts to take reality for granted and wishes for something she’ll come to regret. The plot twist of Giselle turning into the wicked step mother was genius, using the typical Disney trope really brought a layer to the character and allowed some room for versatility from Adams performance.

I’m genuinely disappointed and shocked to see such low ratings for this movie, I think the public expect too much from cinema, sometimes a family fantasy movie does deliver all it needs to. Disenchanted (2022) is a simply magical and heartwarming story that shows what Disney is capable of, bringing us beautiful characters and compelling original stories. If you’re a Disney fan you’re most likely aware of their love for planting Easter eggs in their movies, Disenchanted (2022) is filled with plenty of special references from their past movies! I recommend this movie to anybody who loved the original, it’s a beautiful extension of the story and shows us what happened to our beloved characters.


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