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David Fincher's Newest Thriller, The Killer (2023) | Film Review

David Fincher returns with The Killer (2023), a psychological thriller following the routined schedule of a contract killer played by Michael Fassbender. Starting dark and ominous, The Killer (2023) slowly gains momentum and becomes increasingly more engaging as our lead antagonist fails to finish a job successfully. The trajectory of the features plot lies solely on the failure of Fassbender’s killer, deemed as one of the best in the business we watch as his reputation takes a noise dive into obsession and revenge.

The plot and its progression was started by a mistake, The Killer (2023) humanises the lead character from the beginning and subtly shows his imperfections; despite the character trying hard to disguise them. Although his initial mistake seemed far fetched, considering his status and experience, the film cleverly proves his true capabilities with some shocking and chilling moments.

Fassbender provides an enticing hook, his character choices were distinct and helped create a backstory for the ’so-called’ professional. His declining mental state throughout the film helps keep interest when the story becomes a little mundane and tedious. Fassbender’s narration provides a key insight into the psyche of the lead killer, his words juxtapose his actions which quickly becomes a source of humour for the eery crime thriller.

Overall, The Killer (2023) was an interesting watch and brought to screen some of Fincher’s greatest assets; incorporating strong film noir aesthetics and diving into his typical dark atmosphere. Fassbender brought to life a, what could have been boring character and gave him dimension which only helped layer the films plot. A stylised monologue of a killers greatest flaw, seeking revenge and not sticking to the plan, a Fincher special without a doubt.


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