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Courage, Passion & Determination watching AIR (2023) | Film Review

Sonny Vaccaro and Nike pursue basketball rookie Michael Jordan, creating a partnership that revolutionises the world of sports and contemporary culture. AIR (2023) was a film which originally did not appeal to me as it was marketed as a ‘sports’ film. I was very wrong, AIR (2023) was one of the most triumphant stories of determination and belief, Matt Damon delivers an electric performance. He demands the screen and you can only in amazement when his character achieves the unthinkable. 

Of course, whilst watching this film I knew the outcome but that had zero impact on my enjoyment of the story and its development. Each hurdle felt unbeatable but learning how these people overcame the odds was truly fascinating. Yes, we are talking about a pair of shoes here.. it is not the most trivial topic but I think that’s why I enjoyed AIR so much, because of the utter simplicity of the story. A pair of shoes changed the world, catapulted a company and made a man one of the most impactful and legendary basketball players in the world. 

AIR is a comedy drama, we experience the ups and downs of the sports world whilst campaigning for Nike to fight against its competitors. The world of trainers has changed for me, I am fascinated and utterly shocked by the work, dedication, fight and passion behind the Air Jordans. The film had heart, it was dynamic and made what could have been a simple sports film into a heart warming tale of success and history. This is a gripping biographical tale of entrepreneurship, courage and self-belief. 

AIR (2023) will inspire you to trust your instinct and to fight against the grain, NIKE didn’t have a chance on paper but the fight was truly incredible to watch unfold. I learnt a lot and I appreciate when a film attempts to educate its audience. Ben Affleck showed us, again, that he is a talented director who has an eye for detail and style. Matt Damon proved his genius through comedy and drama alongside Jason Bateman and Viola Davis, who both deliver memorable and realistic performances within this groundbreaking story. 

AIR (2023) was one of the biggest surprises of last year, it was exciting and fresh to watch a film with a story everyone knows but not many know the details. I can not recommend this film enough. 

8/10 Probe Points 


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