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Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers (2022)

Remember Chip and Dale? The adorable chipmunk duo from Disney, well they’re making a come back. We see the pair in modern day, living in Los Angeles with cartoons and humans but sadly their friendship hasn’t lasted. The two live separate lives but are brought together when one of their old co-stars goes missing. Chip and Dale must work together to repair their broken friendship and save their friend.

Disney have the secret formula to creating a film adaptable for both children and adults. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is like nothing I expected, it’s a modernised version of the classic human meets cartoon movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)- with a little less ‘adult’ humour. Essentially, this film brings out all the reasons I love the new generation of Disney. This film pokes fun at itself, we see beloved characters in a different light and we most certainly see the ‘dark’ side to being a famous Hollywood cartoon, it isn’t all that glamorous ! This is a tongue in cheek comedy with plenty of Easter eggs and nostalgia hidden about, plus a bucket load of comedy that I genuinely laughed out loud to.

The voice actors were brilliantly cast, John Mulaney and Andy Samberg were excellent choices for the chipmunk duo. Along with the rest of the cast who were all perfectly cast. The narrative was genuinely compelling, the adventure / mystery aspect was unexpected and brought a layer to the film I didn’t think we needed. The animation was very creative, having Chip and Dale in different animation styles was a bold choice but after watching it literally merges the new and the old without being too jarring to watch- very unique and ultimately a really cool creative choice. So many nostalgic moments scattered throughout, seeing recognisable characters and hearing catch phrases and movie mentions was a lot of fun. You almost need to revisit the film pausing it to see everything hidden in the background!

I would happily welcome another film stating these two chipmunk stars, I wasn’t expecting a lot but I was incredibly impressed with the results. I am a die hard Roger Rabbit fan so this movie was something I would really sink my teeth into, Disney are evolving their classic characters into the main stream again! It’s so exciting to see this original content with classic characters, the story was excellent and the comedy was brilliantly written. I would highly recommend this flick, if you’re unsure I implore you to give it a go. It’s suitable for younger and older audiences, the narrative is enticing enough to keep the attention span of an older audience - plus we got a twist ending!


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