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Cheaper by the Dozen (2022)

Cheaper by the Dozen (2022) is a reimagined version of the classic early 2000s film of the same name. The story sees a couple managing their family of ten children when they decide to move out of their family home into a new town. This modern twist on the film sees a new idea of what family is, the parents are a biracial couple with children from their first marriages, one adopted child and their own children together. This film throws the conventional family image out of the window and I found that to be the best part of this film, if not the only good part. In saying that, despite the inclusivity of this films character it felt like a push that didn’t seem to add a lot to the narrative? It almost felt like Disney could have really embraced the differences this family face but instead it was a little dulled down.

The story is overly simple because otherwise it would be incredibly busy with all the characters aswell as a complex narrative. What worked so well about the original movies staring Steve Martin was the parents drove the story, Steve Martin was an overly lovable person who you wanted to be happy. The kids all had their own distinct personalities and we got to have moments with each of them, this film disregarded those relationships between the audience and the children, I didn’t particularly care about them or feel sorry for any of them, it was just a big pile of nothing.


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