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Bradley Cooper Sings in Netflix Biopic, Maestro (2023) | Film Review

On the verge of securing a golden opportunity, American conductor Leonard Bernstein begins a tumultuous relationship with actress Felicia Montealegre, upturning their lives.

Bradley Cooper sings in the role of Leonardo Bernstein, charismatic, flawed and truly unrecognisable. Cooper transforms into the role and completely transcends into the music and pure composure of the feature, alongside the undeniable chemistry with Carey Mulligan. I believe this film to be Bradley Cooper’s masterpiece, his best acting performance to date and easily one of his greatest directorial moments. Maestro is a creative display of music and love, a respectful yet complex take on a historic mans life. Mulligan plays Felicia Montealegre, a powerhouse of a performer and a stunningly poised woman. In the sight of turmoil and betrayal, Felicia stays strong and humble for her family, Mulligan plays her perfectly alongside Cooper. 

Maestro (2023) is a cinematic marvel which tells the story of a mans conflict with relationships but his simplicity with his love for music, whilst exploring his path and trying to decide what means the most to him. Maestro (2023) adds layers to, what could have been a boring story. Although, this film was shot with unique camera angles and techniques, paying homage to the stage and specifically musical theatre. These stylised elements created an edge to the film, it was far more than a simple biopic, it was a dynamic feature about love and music and where those themes cross.  

Overall, Maestro (2023) was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this musical biopic as much as I did, with little knowledge of Bertsein’s work it was interesting and enlightening to learn more about his character and his life. I found the stand out to the Bradley Cooper, his portrayal of Bernstein was phenomenal and enticing. Cooper was electric on screen in his representation and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him work. 

8/10 Probe Points


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