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Bill & Ted Face the Music, Heinous or Non-Heinous ?

Who doesn’t love a wacky sci-fi movie staring two hunky, lovable teens, who just simply need to pass history class? These two hunky teens I talk of are non other than Bill and Ted, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. We should all be expecting this third movie to be just as goofy, weird and utterly slapstick as the previous two. Let’s discuss if the next movie is going to be the best or worst of the franchise. Get out your air guitars and be excellent to each other because this weeks post is about all things Bill and Ted!

The highly anticipated threequel Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) is set to be released on the 28th of August, 2020! When I say highly anticipated I speak solely for all the original fans of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure from 1989, unfortunately I was not born yet so I’m not a die fan, day one fan but that doesn’t mean I didn’t watch the movie the first chance I got and I loved every second.

From the trailers for Face the Music we can clearly see the third instalment is going to have an incredibly similar approach through nonsensical, illogical storytelling which makes very little sense in the sci-fi world but to Bill & Ted fans that is all the fun of the characters. The first two movies barely made any sense so why should this one, right? Essentially Bill and Ted have been called to save the world, again… but this time their daughters get involved and try to help their fathers out of the inevitable chaos they cause. We are inclined to believe that Bill and Ted have been distant fathers, spending far too much time with each other rocking out rather than their families. I have an inkling that this journey is going to help father and daughter bond for life, on that note can I just say… I cannot believe they have daughters. It is so totally excellent! I felt like the easy decision would have been to cast two sons but this decision is genius. The actors playing daughters Thea and Billie have a crazy likeness to the Reeves and Winter so honestly the resemblance is believable to begin with, but even without those similarities both actors have the mannerisms and voice down to a tee. Watching their small appearance in the trailer truly made me happy, I always dreamt for the role of Ted’s daughter but Brigette Lundy-Paine (Thea) looks like she’s going to nail it, her body language is perfect and I cannot wait to see her full performance in the movie.

Considering Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure came out of one the most influential decades for sci-fi, the movie surprisingly stands it own in today’s cinema but I am incredibly intrigued to find out if the 2020 Bill & Ted is influenced by new technology and sci-fi movies of the 2010’s which are considered some of the best. In saying that, I do not want Bill & Ted to become a special effects, green screen type of movie but I’m intrigued to find out whether the language and attitudes will reflect todays society? Will Bill & Ted still use the catchphrases from their youth? Or will they be trying to blend in with the youth of today, by using words their daughters use? Imagine Bill & Ted saying Shook or Lit, ugh that made me cringe but it would be an interesting spin in the characters desire to stay young and cool forever?

The Bill & Ted movies represent the perfect simplicity, the movies do not take themselves too seriously and every second is written for complete bizarre fun. These movies are almost like junk food for your brain, something you really shouldn’t like but you cannot help yourself, you just want more. I have been craving for Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to do some kind of reunion so for this to come out is a massive surprise for me but also, for this movie to come out right now with the state of the world I cannot wait to laugh my head off. Although Bill and Ted are not to everybody’s tastes I still recommend you watch the trailer and give the franchise another go, if you try not to take the movie too seriously and just enjoy it for the wacky sci-fi comedy it is, you will have a most triumphant time, I promise.


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