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Barbarian (2022) Movie & Review | A Horror Lovers Dream Watch

It’s rare that a film starts one way and develops into something completely unexpected and unpredictable. Barbarian (2022) begins as a simple tale of two young people double booking a rental property and deciding the share it. Their interactions are set up as thought we should suspect the young man (Bill Skarsgard) but in actuality there is something far worse living amongst them. This feature is one of those truly special horror movies which is incredibly well written, acted and constructed whilst being an utterly unique screenplay.

Barbarian (2022) is a spine chillingly terrifying yet painfully tragic viewing experience which will leave you feeling physically and mentally uncomfortable, if you’re a horror fan this is a diamond in the rough. The film is constructed into three parts, telling the stories of three individuals as their stories start to slowly coincide. What’s left unsaid is some of the more disturbing details, the moments we don’t see leaves our imagination to run wild trying to imagine what truly happened in that house. I think we have a new final girl to add to the heroic list, Tess Marshall (Georgina Campbell) is an unforgettable character and embodied the essence of a final girl. I cannot recommend this film enough, for those who love being left tangling on the edge of despair and enjoy the feeling of suspense and terror - this movie is made for you.


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