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Time for an Undeniable Classic, Back to the Future | #67

Oh how I wish the future was the way the film represented it, how cool would it have been if we had flying cars, self tying shoes and hover boards? After watching Back to the Future (1985) as a child I fell absolutely in love with the story, a true depiction of cinema having no bounds or restrictions. Time travel represented in its finest way, through comedy and fantastic storytelling. Back to the Future (1985) is timeless, every time I think about this film it brings a smile to my face. It is beyond its years with creativity and originality, of course, time travel wasn’t new when this movie came out but it definitely reinvented the style of genre. Universal have brought us some of cinemas most cherished and unforgettable features and Back to the Future is no exception.

Back to the Future (1985) is technically a trilogy now, have two following movies which take us through adventure and fantasy but for me, the first movie will always be the best. It’s a cliche, the first is always the best but in this case, it’s true. The second and third instalments don’t quite hit the sam sense of nostalgia as the first and if you’re yet to watch it, I highly suggest you do! The story sees a young man who begins the movie with one view of his life and reality, that being negative and un-appreciated. He is then allowed and taken on a journey through magical intervention to discover another life and to appreciate his own.


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