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Amsterdam (2022) Movie & Review | Dazzlingly confusing

Amsterdam (2022) with its meandering, unfocused storyline and flashy, all star cast attempts to distract from the utterly confusing and a least bit satisfactory viewing experience. A dramatic storytelling during the dazzling 1930s, the costumes and music are some of the only memorable moments during this feature, aside from the continuous popping up of celebrities. Yes, Amsterdam (2022) is a fascinating and richly intricate tale, director David O. Russell brilliantly weaves historical fact with fiction for a timely, cinematic experience but I still believe this feature is far too packed with little direction.

The narrative is over worked, busting at the seams. It’s full of ideas rather than dialling down the details for a constructive, linear storyline. Although Amsterdam (2022) is a high energy feature with constant thrill and mystery, sadly, the mystery could be mistaken for confusion. I found myself utterly confused and loosing interest quickly after the first hour. This film takes its time to establish your attention and set up its primary story. I felt as thought I was watching a Wes Anderson movie with all the detail and intricate dialogue but none of the visual creativity or likeable characters. The ending though, was somewhat interesting, bringing the confusion full circle and ending with a lacklustre and simple double cross.

If you asked me what I liked about this film, I’d pause, think, and be unable to answer. Aside from the dazzling cast this film is a headache.


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