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A Special Look at...Atrabilious (2023) | Review

A special look...

Atrabilious is to describe being melancholy or irritable, Leon Addison Brown stars as a heartbroken father (Steven) who longs to find the truth behind his sons sudden passing. We follow as Steven finds himself spiralling out of control, hoping to uncover the secrets of a unconventional healing method by a so-called psychiatrist; cocktail bereavement co-ordination. The first 25 minutes are slowly building up to the shift in narrative, once Steven steps foot inside the Atrabilious bar the trajectory of the film changes and the characters go on a non-sensical journey of discovery, confusion and acceptance- never fully knowing the truth. With plenty of intriguing plot points and strong character choices, Atrabilious (2023) transforms into a suspenseful thriller with stylised cinematic choices and some great visuals. Atrabilious (2023) slowly transforms into a suspenseful thriller with stylised cinematic choices and some great uses of colourful visuals.

Parker shot Atrabilious with an impressive list of A-list actors in New York City on a micro-budget similar to his first feature, Forty Winks (2022). Considering the low budget, Atrabilious (2023) has a unique storyline with some brilliant performances throughout. It can often feel like a dream, an ambitious narrative that introduces us to a collection of unconventional characters. After an hour we finally see a glimpse into the reality of the Atrabilious bar, the film takes a leap into murder and distraction, finally giving us the thrill and suspense promised with poor Steven at the centre of it all.

Overall, Atrabilious (2023) has a unique narrative which evolves from a subdued drama into a non-sensical thriller. I recommend this feature for any fans of a slow thriller, a gradual expression of grief and loss through some compelling storytelling.

A special thank you to the writer, producer and director of Atrabilious (2023) William Atticus Parker (Forty Winks) for sharing his new feature with me.


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