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#96 | Disney's Wreck-it-Ralph

I remember when Disney released the trailer for Wreck it Ralph in 2012 and I was utterly blown away by the concept of the film, after watching it for the first time I knew it had to be one of the greatest concepts for a modern animation. I simply couldn't get over the pure genius behind the detail of the narrative and the close attention to merging this whole new world with reality, this feature is easily re-watchable and unforgettable.

If you've never sat down and watched this Disney flick, where have you been? Heres a rundown of the plot- Ralph is tired of playing the role of a bad guy in his video game, Fix it Felix, he decides its time to embarks on a journey to become a video game hero and prove everyone wrong, that is isn't just a bad guy. Whilst on his quest Ralph accidentally lets loose a deadly enemy that threatens the entire arcade and he finds himself entering Sugar Rush, a cute racing game, to try and stop the virus from spreading.

The plot is complex, the details are complex, this film overall is incredibly detailed and overtly full of easter eggs and references. I sole heartedly believe Wreck-it-Ralph is not a kids film, its far too entertaining and engaging for adults! I'll say it again, like I always do, Disney has found the ideal balance between adult and child entertainment, they execute it every-time! This feature is home to some of the most lovable characters and adorable visuals, the voice actors are all magnificent and bring amazing performances to their characters. Overall, Wreck-it-Ralph is unstoppable, I wouldn't go as far to say the second installment was as good as the first but in saying that, it was still pretty damn interesting.

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