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#87 | Last Night in Soho

Writing this Top 100 entry brings me so much joy because I absolutely adore this film and its maker, Edgar Wright (who you'll definitely be seeing more of in the top 100). Last Night in Soho is a horror drama which tells the story of Eloise, an aspiring fashion designer. She is fascinated with the 1960s and when studying fashion in London finds that her life spirals out of control. She starts to dream of being transported back to that time period where she meets a young woman and discovers she came to a grizzly demise. Eloise believes her dreams are real and tries to unravel the mystery that happened all that time ago.

The story is beyond original and catapults the audience into a false sense of security, with a brilliant soundtrack and cheery beginning, this film slowly spirals into something much darker. I wasn't expecting the narrative to take such a horrifying turn, the plot becomes something totally unexpected which I thoroughly enjoyed. The development of mystery was steadily paced, we are left in the dark for the majority of the feature and don't fully know if Eloise is dreaming or actually living through some kind of paranormal experience. The twist ending didn't become clear until the very end, I enjoyed the reveal and thought it was very well executed and integrated into the narrative. When this feature was released it was a very different style for Wright, going from his usual comedic approach, Last Night is Soho proved he can handle any genre successfully.

I remember this film not being completely well received by critics and I have absolutely no idea as to why. There is no other film quite like Last Night in Soho, its a stand alone piece of cinema and I can watch it over and over with the same amount of enjoyment.

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