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#84 | Hitchcock's North by Northwest

Utterly thrilling and beyond fascinating to watch. Staring the iconic Cary Grant along side beautiful Eva Marie Saint, North by Northwest is an enticing thriller mystery which sends us into a whirlwind of confusion, passion and uncertainty. Winning an academy award for best original screenplay, there is no question that the plot of this feature is truly unique and has never been seen before. Hitchcock was an unstoppable director and chose some of the most incredible scripts to ever be made into pictures, North by Northwest is a charming feature with thrilling anticipated moments met with some truly comedic moments played off by Grant.

Cary Grant plays an ad-man, Roger Thornhill who becomes involved in a bewildering cross-country chase involving enemy spies, the police and a beautiful woman.

That one scene- a lot of films nowadays are forgettable, unable to capture the whole essence of the feature in one particular, cinematic moment that the audience can take away and never forget; but Hitchcock did it, almost every time he made a movie. Psycho, the shower scene, Vertigo, Madeline leaping into the bay, Strangers on a Train, Criss-Cross... the list goes on but North by Northwest has to be the cherry on-top of the Hitchcock cake of memorability. The cornfield plane scene, what a cinematic marvel, I can watch that one scene over and over and still be amazed by the visuals. That scene is cinema history.

Overall, North by Northwest easily makes the top 100 list. It is a fascinating piece of cinema history. Showcasing some of Cary Grant's greatest acting scenes and some of Hitchcock's greatest visionary moments as a director.

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